Love is Mind-Control

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Interviews from the Farm 28: Love is Mind-Control


Interviews with Bernard Poolman

07 Oct 09


Bernard: Okay – So we´re gonna Talk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ – a ‘Product’ of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ – whatever you wanna Call-it.

And as These-things were ‘Understood’ – in the World, and being-‘Utilized’ – I mean, it´s very-Much ‘Done’ on a very-Fascinating ‘Principle’: Which is the Law of Attraction´, in-‘Essence’. You´ll have somebody, that – will ‘Study’ a ‘Way’ to become more-Successful in the World’ = they´ll ‘Study’ by `Watching-People´ and `Watching their Behaviour´ – and through `Watching-People and their-Behaviour´ = they´ll come to ‘Conclusions’ on What Could ‘Interest’-People – to ‘Act’ and `Focus their Attention´… what could `Attract their Attention’ – ‘Sufficiently´ – that they would `Embrace’ a ‘Point´ – and thus, the Person will become `Wealthy´ = Simply by ‘Studying’ ‘Human-Behaviour’.

So Obviously – When they ‘Realized’, that – if you ‘Study’ ‘Human-Behaviour’ and you can ‘See’ What would be a ‘Point’ you can ‘Present’ that will be ‘Attractive’ to the Human: You could become `Wealthy´ = it became a Total-‘Industry’. This-‘Industry’ has ‘Fuelled’ All that you Now `Experience´ and what has been the `Recent-History´ of the ‘Industrial-Technological-Information-Knowledge-Revolution’ = the `Evolution´.

Your-`Evolution´ has been Directed ‘Deliberately’ According-to `What you Pay Attention-to´ = What you are `Willing’ to ‘Pay’-for´.

Okay – And, In-that – the ‘Mind-System’ as it-‘Exist’ Within-you = has also `Upgraded´ and become `More-Effective´ – and it has been ‘Using’ very-Simple ‘Organs’: It´s been ‘Using’ = ‘PULSE’.

You know what is `Pulse´?

Darryl: It’s your ‘Heart-Rate’.

Bernard: I mean – you can ‘Measure’ your-‘Pulse’ – it´s your ‘Heart-Rate’ – it is Something you `Trust´ – isn´t it? Because – it’s `Always There´, it is `Keeping-you Alive´ = it is `Pulsing’.

And – Each-One has got a Different ‘Pulse’ = Each-One has got Different-‘Points’ that make you `Feel Comfortable´: You Walk into Somebody´s ‘Presence’ – have you Ever-‘Wondered’: Why sometimes you are `Attracted´ – sometimes you’re `Repelled´ = it´s because – by `The Pulse’ the Person is `Projecting´ – according-to This-‘Pulse’ = You will Make your-‘Decisions’.

So once the ‘Pulse’-thing were – Understood = it was Not a `Giant-Leap´ – to Move from ‘PULSE’ – to ‘IMPULSE’.

But you know what is `Impulse´, I mean – you’re sometimes `Impulsive´.

But there´s another ‘IMPULSE’: There is the `Placing´ or the `Presenting’ to-You of an `Impulse´ that – if it is ‘Presented’ `Enough-Times´ = you´ll Start `Pulsing’ with the ‘Impulse’ you were ‘Presented’ – and you will Starting-to `Attract´…you´ll Start to `Attract´ what has been ‘Impulsed’ and you´ll Start to ‘Believe’ it to be ‘True’.

I mean – Imagine the ‘Ultimate-Impulse’ that´s ‘Become’ the `Centre of Attraction´ in ‘Recent-History’ for the last 2000 Years – the Same-‘Message’ has been ‘Impulsed’: “That there is a `Invisible-Guy’ in the ‘Sky’ who ‘Sent’ His-‘Son’ to ‘Die’ for Your-‘Sins’ so that you can do-‘Anything you-Like’, you´re-‘Okay’ – as long as You ‘Believe in-Him’. And – that This-‘Guy’ has ‘Risen from the Dead’ – and He had Twelve-‘Witnesses’” – I mean – and Where is the Twelve coming-in? A ‘Watch’ on your-‘Pulse’: ‘Time’. And ‘Time’ is what? A ‘Pulse’ = Total-‘Base Twelve System´.

Once the Base-Sub Twelve-System´, was – Clearly-Imprinted´ – and taken-‘Into’ the `Mysterious´ of the `Astrological´ – The ‘Birth-Sign’ – The ‘Cycles’ – The ‘Moon-Cycles’ – The ‘Seasonal-Cycles’ = All the Different-‘Cycles’ that All ‘Fit’-Into This `Grand-Scheme´ of ‘Pulsing’ = an ‚Interesting‘-Thing – ‘Developed’: An ‘Understanding’, that – the Human-Being ‘Essentially’ – is a ‘Electromagnetic-Machine’: ‘All the Time’ Within-you – there are ‘Pulses Moving’ between your-‘Nerves’ and another-‘Nerve’.

The ‘Moment’ you have a ‘Thought’ – the ‘Thought Spins’. You have it ‘Enough-Times’ – it ‘Generates Energy’. That ‘Energy’ that’s ‘Generated’ – ‘Impulse’ the ‘Whole-Time’ in your-‘System’, and as it ‘Impulse’ – you’ve ‘Seen’ what ‘Emoto’ has-‘Shown’; what Happens to a ‘Water-Molecule’ – you are Mostly ‘Water’. The ‘Water’ start to ‘Take-On’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’, until ‘Eventually’ that ‘Geometrical-Design’ is So-‘Imprinted’ that you Don’t even ‘Think’-it Anymore = you ‘Do’-it.

You ‘Take’-it from the ‘Concrete’ to the ‘Abstract’. Say, ‘Driving a Car’ – ‘Driving a Car’ Starts in the ‘Initial’-Stages where you have to ‘Impulse’ your-‘Body’ and your-‘Senses’. Into a ‘Coherent-Cooperation’ to ‘Functionally-Move’ All the ‘Parts’ of the ‘Car’ so that you ‘End-Up’ in a ‘Condition’ that you-call: ‘Driving’.

And ‘Initially’ you’ll go-through ‘Practicing’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That, and you ‘Practice’ That -until: You get to the ‘Point’ where you’re ‘Driving’- but you don’t ‘Think’ about-it, because now – you can ‘Drive’ and you can use your ‘Cell-Phone’, and it’s No ‘Big-Feat’ to do that, I mean – it was a ‘Story’ in the ‘Beginning’, but now it’s ‘Easy’. You can ‘Chat-away’ where before you were in the ‘Beginning’- you were ‘Driving’, you said to everybody: “Shut Up! I’m ‘Trying’ to ‘Concentrate’ Here.

” What are you ‘Saying’? “I was ‘Concentrating’ the ‘Impulse’. So that I can ‘Become’ this-‘Pulse’ which is my ‘Living-Expression’, I’m ‘Busy’ ‘Designing’-Me into an ‘Effective’ – from my perspective – ‘Expression’ as a ‘Driver’.

Now ‘Depending’, for instance, on what ‘Type’ of ‘Driving-School’ you went to, or Who ‘Taught’-you to ‘Drive’ = you will have Peculiar-‘Habits’ within your ‘Driving’ – you’re Not All gonna to be the Same Kind-of ‘Drivers’ = it all ‘Depends’ on the ‘Type’ of ‘Impulse’.

But in-‘Essence’ that ‘Impulse’ were: ‘Multidimensional’ – you-‘Participated’ in the ‘Impulse’, and those that ‘Assisted’-you in ‘Driving’ – and All the Other-People You Saw-‘Driving’, and All the ‘Movies’ you-‘Saw’, All the ‘Magazines’ you ‘Read’ – the ‘Tests’ you had to do = All of those ‘Impulses’, Together: ‘Form-You’ as a ‘Driver’.

If, within-That – you had Peculiar ‘Fears’-Developing = it was because you gave certain-‘Attention’ to Particular-‘Fears’, you ‘Impulsed’-them ‘Sufficiently’ to-‘become’ ‘Part’ of the ‘Total-Design’ of-‘You’ as the ‘Driver’ of a ‘Car’.

Now you must-‘Understand’ that these-Things are-‘Understood’, Within – our-‘Civilization’, and that there are – it is So ‘Common-Knowledge’ that you can ‘Study’ ‘How’ to ‘Do’-This at your-‘Universities’.

Darryl: Ivy-League Schools are very ‘Big’ on Teaching those ‘Upper-Crust’-Kids How to ‘Direct’ Population.

Bernard: Correct. And you’re, you’re ‘More’…‘Exclusive’ ‘Private-Schools’, ‘Leadership-Skills’ are ‘Taught’ As – the ‘Direction’ and ‘Management’ of ‘Impulse’ = You are ‘Directing’, through – ‘Placing’ your-‘Authority’ into a ‘Design’ that is ‘Accepted’ and which you ‘Make-Sure’ will-Be ‘Attractive’-Enough for those that you are ‘Directing’ to ‘Accept’-it as ‘What they Want to-Do’, and therefore they would ‘See’ it as their – ‘Choice’.

In this Whole-‘Point’, what ‘Started’ to ‘Play’ – what ‘Accelerated’ the whole ‘Evolution’ of the ‘Human’ into what you are now ‘Existing’-as, was Obviously – the ‘Impulsing’ of ‘Pictures’ and ‘Sound’. So the ‘Radio’, the ‘Telephone’, the ‘Television’ – all of those-Things, ‘Played’ a ‘Major-Role’- and As You would be ‘Coming-in’ as the ‘Next-Generation’ that is ‘Born’ – Whatever is Already-‘Formed’ as a ‘Primary-Pulse’ Within your ‘Parent’ – will be ‘Transferred’ to-You = ‘Structural-Resonance’- that’s the ‘Parts’ of ‘How’ it gets ‘Transferred’- and what is ‘Essentially’-There, is – that: It is Not-‘Only’ the ‘DNA’, and…that ‘Transfers’ = it is the ‘Total-Information’ as ‘Who You Exist-as’ – that ‘Transfer’ into the ‘Child’.

The ‘Child’ will through – Various-‘Influences’ Start to ‘Pulse’ a ‘Particular’-Expression = the ‘Impulse’ would be ‘Particular’. For Instance: What the ‘Parents’ don’t-‘Realize’, is – they would have-‘Had’, say – a ‘Naughty’ ‘Teenage-Years’, where they did ‘All-Kinds of-Things’ that they Now ‘Try and Prevent’ their-‘Children’ from-‘Doing’.

What they Don’t-‘Realize’, is that – their-‘Child’ ‘Carries’ that Same-‘Memory’ ‘In’-them = of ‘What the Parent-Did’. Now the Pare…the ‘Child’ ‘Starts’ to ‘Resent the Parent’ for ‘Wanting’-to ‘Stop’-them, because – ‘Within the Child’ Exist the ‘Impulse’ of ‘What the Parent-Did’, and the ‘Parent ‘Liked’-it’. And Now the ‘Parent’ are giving the ‘Opposite-Answer’ – and the Whole-‘Cycle of Trust’ is ‘Broken’ on that Single-‘Point’. And that’s why so-Many ‘Children’ – ‘Feel’ their-‘Parents are Disgusting and Hate-them’, but they Never ‘Say’-it. They Will – ‘Purely because the Parents normally have-Money’ – say: “Yes” and ‘Co-Operate’ = Just to Get ‘Money’. But they will Never Be-‘Honest in Communication with their-‘Parents’’, they will Never Tell their-‘Parents’ Everything = because they don’t-‘Trust their Parents’ – because the ‘Parents’ – has ‘Lied’ to–Them, ‘Deliberately’ – by ‘‘Claiming’ Something to be ‘Bad’’; that they as ‘Parents’ Did – ‘As-if it was ‘Good’’.

And that Whole-‘Cycle’, Cause – a Major-‘Rift’ In Our ‘Society-Development’. Which is ‘More’-Interesting Within-it, as well – is that: The ‘Parent’ will ‘Deliberately’ – and I mean, many of you that will become ‘Parents’ – one of the things you’ll say is: “I will Never let my-‘Children’ be like my-‘Parents.’”

You Know What? You’re Not ‘Saying’-that because it’s ‘Authentic’ or ‘Original’: Your ‘Parents’ said Exactly the Same-thing = Exactly. If you ‘Dare’ to ‘Communicate’ – you’ll ‘Find’-Out that your ‘Parents’ Exactly-‘went-through’ what you are ‘going-through’ in your-‘Life’. But – you don’t-‘Communicate’, I mean – because you don’t ‘Trust’-them, Just As they Didn’t-‘Communicate’ with their-‘Parents’ because they – didn’t ‘Trust’-them, because the ‘Lies’ are ‘Transferred’ ‘Generation after Generation’, everybody ‘Claiming’ ‘What is ‘Goodness’’, ‘Hiding the ‘Badness’’. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ is All kind-of ‘Cross-Wired’.

So – Now in Our ‘Development’, a ‘Fairly’-Recent ‘Development’ has been ‘The Cell-Phone’. Now understand that – All These ‘Developments’ that you are ‘Experiencing’ in the ‘External-World’ as ‘Systems of Support’: Are also ‘Inside’-you, ‘Multidimensi­onally’, as the ‘Systems’ that ‘Support’ your-‘Mind Consciousness System’ = Exactly the ‘Same-Way’, like we ‘Discussed’ the other-Day about the ‘Cities’ and so on and so on.

With the Advent of the ‘Cell-Phone’ – an Interesting-‘Point’ ‘Developed’: We ‘Moved’-From the ‘Primary-Tool’ of ‘Impulse’ – being ‘Television’, ‘Movies’, ‘Sound’ and related-‘things’ – to a New-‘Form’ of ‘Transmission’: ‘The Cell-Phone’. The ‘Cell-Phone’ became – and if you have a Look at the ‘Success-Stories’ of things like ‘Twitter’ and related-‘Points’ and how much, how the ‘Cell-Phone’ is busy ‘Evolving’ into the ‘Primary Communication-Tool’– you can do your ‘Facebook’ with it, ‘SMS’, you-know – there’s a ‘Lot’-of ‘Communication’-Happening Now between ‘Children’ and in a ‘Greater-Society’ – Far-‘More’ ‘Time’ is ‘Spent’-Now on the ‘Cell-Phone’ than on ‘Television’ – it’s become the Ultimate-‘Delivery-System’ that ‘Sell’ or ‘Impulse’ your…the, the ‘Human-Being’ – ‘Specially’ the ‘Younger-Generations’ = it’s being ‘Impulsed’ By – the ‘Cell-Phone’.

Now what is ‘Interesting’ – and, Understand that Many of these-things ‘Developed’ kind-of like it’s ‘Seemingly’, ‘Naturally’ – because what ‘Happens’, how does things ‘Develop’ in our ‘Societies’? Through Watching ‘Human-Behaviour’ and then Whatever the Human will ‘Buy’ – you’ll ‘Sell’ to-Them.

I mean – so it was a ‘Inevitable-Development’ that you will be getting to a ‘Point’, where – ‘What is being-‘Sold’’ = will be ‘Direct’ and ‘To-The-Point’ – Very-Effective.

And Now you have the ‘Ultimate-Point’, where – ‘Word-of-Mouth’ through the ‘Cell-Phone’ has become one of the ‘Most-Powerful’ ‘Selling-Points’ in-Existence – Not the ‘Advert’ going through the ‘Cell-Phone’: The ‘Chat’ between-Them, is Where – ‘Products’ Now ‘Sell’.

So – the ‘Moments of Influence’ becomes – Very ‘Short’ and needs to be ‘Very-Effectively Directive, Symbolically-In’ through ‘Impulsing’, so that – ‘In the Few Moments that there-Is’ – to ‘Impulse’ a Child = they must be ‘Impulsed’.

Therefore – your ‘Movies’, your ‘Television’ has ‘Become’ – ‘Very Advanced-Mechanisms’, of ‘Transmitting’ – Vast-‘Volumes of Information’ that ‘Particularly Support’, ‘Particular-Products’ in-Existence that ‘Keeps’-you ‘Occupied’ within a ‘Particular’-‘Mind-Set’– and which you then ‘Keep-yourself’-In through your ‘Basic-Communication’; all the ‘Words’, ‘Schooling’ = it’s All become an ‘Integrated-System’ – of ‘Impulsing’, that ‘Keep’ Your-‘Heart-Beat’ – at Exactly the ‘Rhythm’, that means: Keeps Your-‘Behaviour’ – Exactly at the ‘Level of Control’ where you will Never – ‘Change the World’, for instance: You’ll ‘Accept the System’.

The Only-‘Time’ that you will ‘Question the System’ – is when Your-‘Life Fails’ in Every-‘Way’, and you can’t-‘Find a Way’ to get-‘Money’. Otherwise: You Will-Not ‘Change’ = that’s ‘Guaranteed’, for Everyone in-Existence.

Now – in terms of the ‘Delivery-System’ of the ‘Cell-Phone’, the ‘Main Important-thing’ was a ‘Stable Signal’. The ‘Problem’ of a ‘Stable Signal’ was: That Due-to your ‘Atmospheric-Forces’ and so-on, the Satellite is-Not a ‘Very-Effective’ ‘Tool’ to ‘Transmit’ – as you know we’ve got Satellites here, as you ‘Notice’ – even with the Internet it is ‘Intermittent’. To have a ‘Good Signal’ – they had, put-up ‘Towers’ Everywhere. And to make sure the Tower do-Not ‘Bother’-you or do-Not ‘Influence’- you and ‘seems’ as ‘Natural’ as Possible = they are ‘Hidden’ as ‘Trees’ – you Won’t even ‘Notice’ if you don’t-Know where to ‘Look’, where’s your ‘Cell-Phone Towers’. They are All ‘Around’-you, in your-‘Neighbourhood’ = ‘Hidden’ as ‘Trees’. And These ‘Cell-Phone Towers’ is the ‘Primary-Point’ of ‘Communication’.

But the ‘Research’ has gone So-‘Advanced’ – that it is ‘Understood’ ‘How’ to ‘Impulse’-You at a ‘Electromagnetic-Level’, that means – ‘Activating’ the ‘Symbolism’ ‘Within’-you to ‘Keep’-you ‘Passive’.

How was that Done?

In the ‘Research’ of the ‘Human-Behaviour’ – it was Obviously-‘Noticed’ that you Always have a ‘Rebellious-Group’ that ‘Tend’-to ‘Want’ to-‘Go their Own Way’- I mean the ‘Hippies’ in the ‘Sixties’ is a Very-Good ‘Example’ of-That with the, with the ‘Love’ and they ‘Want’-to ‘Change the World’. The ‘Point’ was Then to ‘See’, Okay – What was the ‘Point’ that was ‘Used’, in the ‘Sixties’ – by the ‘Hippies’? ‘Love’.

So ‘How’- the ‘Question’ was: How can ‘Love’ be ‘Used’ to Become the ‘Primary Pacifying-Factor’ which you can ‘Impulse, Electromagneti­cally’, and thus ‘Keep the Being’ Always at the ‘Level’ where they will ‘Move’ ‘Back to-That’, where they Will-Not ‘Question’. They Will ‘Question’, but ‘Inevitably’ in their ‘Conversation’ with That-‘Word’, which means – they will Not ‘Act’ – and you can ‘Watch’ – How Many Beings are doing-That = It’s Fascinating. They will End with That-‘Word’ – in All their ‘Conversations’ they will ‘Talk-Sense’, and then they go to ‘Love’ = and Never-‘Act’.

It’s become the ‘Ultimate-Control’-Word, have a look: All your ‘Stores’, ‘Television’, ‘School’ – you go into Any-‘Place’ you wanna ‘Buy’-Something; what do you ‘See’? It’s become the ‘Primary’…and what is it ‘Linked’-to? ‘Love’, is ‘Linked’-to ‘Pulse’- isn’t it? How – it’s ‘Linked’-to?

(Darryl: To a ‘Heartbeat’)

Bernard: To a ‘Heart’. And it’s ‘Linked’-to – ‘Control’ of-What? One ‘Simple-System’ ‘Running’ with ‘One-Word’ and that-‘Word’ could ‘Control’ what-Else? The Complete-‘Future of Humanity’ as ‘Evolution’ – as you have ‘Evolved’-Already through this ‘Manipulation of Behaviour’ through-‘Impulsing’.

Now this is Happening Within-You at the Level of your-‘Cells’, which then All-‘Carry’ Different-‘Charges’, Every ‘Impulse’ is ‘Stored’ within-You, in your ‘Cells’, just in a…if you Look-at ‘Quantum-Mechanics’ in terms-of ‘Multi-Dimensions’, Every ‘Impulse’ is a Different-‘Dimension’ – that ‘Dimension’ has a Particular-‘Frequency’ or -‘Charge’ that has got Many Possible ‘Ways’ to ‘Activate’. According to that ‘Activation’ – All that Happens is, One – ‘Slowly-but-Surely’ – ‘Impulse’ a ‘Generalization’ of the ‘Activation’ of a ‘Particular-Point’ and you ‘Lock’ the Being ‘Down’.

Now, what is Fascinating, is – that Nobody-‘Can’…Nobody-‘Can Hear’, because: Your ‘Heart’ is ‘Locked-Down’ as a ‘Pulse’ – through-‘Love’, and ‘Evolution’ – through-‘Impulse’. And, therefore = No-Matter What you-‘Say’ you’re Going to-‘Do’ – you are Always going-to ‘Act’ On: Impulse! Have a-Look, How Many ‘Times’ did you ‘Make a Decision’, and when you get to the ‘Final-Point’ you do the ‘Opposite’ = You Don’t ‘Push-It Through’.

You ‘Make a Decision’ – You-‘Know’ What’s ‘Best’ for-‘You’, but when it Comes to the ‘Actual-Point’ = you-‘Can’t’, because you are in this-‘Cycle’ –and you Can’t get-‘Out’. And: If you get-‘Out’ = you’re ‘Alone’ – you-Don’t wanna be ‘Alone’, I mean – you don’t Have the ‘Discipline’ to be-‘Alone’, you’re Not ‘Willing’ to Take-‘Responsibility for-‘Yourself’ to ‘Sort-Out’ and ‘Design’ your-Own ‘Impulsing’.

Because – ‘All You are Looking-for’ in ‘Your-Mind’, is Fascinating – What are you ‘Looking’-For? What are you ‘Looking’-For’? Look! – ‘Love’. You are ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ – Doing Only ‘One-thing’: ‘Keeping’-Yourself in the Same Fuckin’-‘System’, the Same-‘Impulsing’ = and you’re ‘Stuck’. Every Single Thing you’re-‘Doing’, Every Single Thing you Give ‘Attention’-to – is to ‘Satisfy’ your-‘Impulse’, ‘Satisfy’ your-‘Pulse’, ‘Satisfy’ – ‘Love’.

And Now – the ‘World’, this is the ‘Tree of Life’ = The ‘Cell-Phone’. How One…this is ‘Consumerism’ – our ‘Total-Consumerism’, have a ‘Look’: Is ‘Built’ On = ‘Love’ – and, Much of-That is Around = the ‘Major Religious-Holidays’ isn’t-it? ‘Birth-Days’, ‘Mothers-Day’, ‘Fathers-Day’ – What is it All ‘Focused’-on? The ‘Impulse’ – ‘Keep the Impulse going’, ‘Keep the Impulse going’.

Will you ‘Question’-It? Obviously-Not – you’re not even ‘Aware’ that this is ‘Happening’. Never even ‘Considered’-it = You-‘Can’t’, Because = That’s what you’re ‘Looking’-For. And you’ll Do ‘Anything’, ‘Anything’ you can ‘Do’ – to ‘Get’-That: You Don’t-‘Give a Fuck’ about Any-‘Suffering in the World’. There is Not a ‘Fucker’ in-Existence that ‘Care’. They say-so: Ah-Eh (Shakes Head) – If you’d ‘Care’ you’ll ‘Give-up’ your-‘Life’ = but you-Won’t.

Now – it is ‘Possible’, to ‘Change’-This – but We Will Teach You in the Structural Resonance Alignment; is ‘How’ to-‘Become’ your-Own ‘Impulse’ = so that you’re Not-‘Influenced’ by these-‘Pulses’.

…‘Understand’ – the ‘Pulses’ are ‘Multi-Dimensional’ – You-‘Have’ ‘Generations’ of-This that’s ‘Built Into-You’, ‘Dimensionally’- and we’re going-to ‘Take this-Out’.

At the ‘Same-Time’ – the ‘Dimensions’ are ‘Pulsing-Existence’ = ‘Every-Breath’. Why are we Using ‘Breath’? We’re Using-‘Breath’ as an ‘Alternative-Pulse’ – to the ‘Impulse’, because you Have your ‘In-Breath’ – where you ‘Bring Everything-Together’, you…then you Have your-‘Moment’ ‘In-Between’ – where you ‘Bring-It Together’, ‘Integrate’, ‘Take-Responsibility’ – ‘Breathe-Out’ by ‘Reaching-Out’ for your Next-‘Taking.’ ‘Take In’, ‘Check’ and at the same-Time you ‘Breathe-Out’ = you ‘Place-Yourself in-Existence’: “This Is ‘Who I Am’, I Am ‘Pulsing’-Existence – This is What I’m-Accepting” – So now you are ‘Becoming’ a-‘Pulse’: ‘Pulse’ As ‘Breath’ In-‘Existence’ – and so we’re gonna ‘Train’-Beings ‘One-by-One’ – ‘How’-to ‘Break’ this-‘Control’.

Now – Understand: That at the ‘Level’, where – ‘You-Perceive Mind-Control’-Exist = There is No Such ‘Mind-Control’. ‘Mind-Control’ Exist, As ‘People’ like ‘You and Me’, That ‘Study’ to ‘Become-Experts’ in ‘Human-Behaviour’ and that ‘Do-It’ = for-‘Money’. And Those-‘Who they Work-for’ – ‘Big-Corporations’ and so-on = They are ‘Doing’-it For: ‘Money’ – and they’re ‘Doing’-it, because – They’re ‘Able to Do-it’, because you’re ‘Allowing’-them to Do-it.

They Did Not ‘Know’ that ‘This was Going to Manifest in This-‘Way’’, this is Not a ‘Single-Act’ of ‘Creating’ a ‘System like-That’, or ‘Planning’ a ‘System like-This’. This-‘Happened’ through-‘Many-Actions of Dishonesty’ – Where there was ‘‘Acted’ in the Interest of ‘Money’’ instead…and ‘Greed’ – instead of the ‘Interest of All as Equal’.

So – the-‘Dimensions’ will be ‘Impulsing’ – Same-‘Way’. What will Happen with the ‘Dimensional-Impulse’? That is Going-to ‘Bring-Out’ ‘All the Hidden-Shit in Each-One’. Understand – you’re going to ‘Experience’-yourself Very-‘Strangely’ sometimes. Suddenly-‘Get Angry’, you’ll Suddenly-‘Get Possessed’, you’ll Suddenly-‘Fall in Love’ = you’ll Do All-‘Kinds of-Things’: If you-‘Allowing’ Any-‘Form of Dishonesty’ – That-‘Dishonesty is Gonna Possess-you’.

And this is gonna-‘Cause’ – Much-‘Friction’ in the World, because as All this ‘Dimensional-Information’ that is Within-‘you’ as the ‘Physical-Body’ that is ‘Energy’ that is ‘Stored -Electromagneti­cally’, In your-‘System’ is – being-‘Released’ = it’s gonna Go into ‘Conflict’, and you’re gonna End-Up Having-to ‘Face’ this-‘Conflict’.

And it’s Not-Going to-‘Go-Away’ and it’s Going-to ‘Intensify’; the ‘more’ you ‘Resist’-it = it will ‘Quantify’: Until – you-Become Self-Honest.

You are the ‘Perfect’ – ‘Tree of Life’, a ‘Cell-Phone-Tree’ – ‘Transmitting-Information’. ‘You’, your-‘Presence’ – Around the World, Every single-Moment – Without you-‘Knowing’ = you are ‘Transmitting’, and in Every-‘Transmission’, you are Giving-‘Permission’ – to Every-‘Atrocity’ that is-‘Existent’ in this-‘World’, because = you’re ‘Focusing’ on One-‘Thing’: ‘Love’.

Theory of Relativity says: “When you are ‘Focusing’ on-‘Something’, like – with the ‘Splitting of the Atom’ – there is a Certain-‘Amount of Energy’, that – ‘goes-Away’, that is ‘Lost’ in that ‘Transmission’, That-‘Energy’ – is what Goes-‘Somewhere-Else’, and then – ‘Ends-Up’ in a ‘Point’ where it Requires -‘Release’.”

‘Consciousness’ is a ‘Closed-System’ of ‘Multidimensions’. Each-‘Dimension’ ‘Represents’ a ‘Point of Knowledge’ as it ‘Exist’ in this-‘World’. That-‘Point of Knowledge’ are Always ‘Seeking’ for its-‘Expression’ – because its very-‘Nature’ of-‘Design of Knowledge’ is to Be ‘Presented’ Within the ‘Context’ that it-‘Exist’, As-‘Energy’ – therefore it ‘Collects-Energy’: ‘Knowledge Collects Energy’.

You-‘Are’ – ‘Products of Knowledge’, and What do you Do with your-‘Life’? You ‘Collect -Energy.’ The ‘Interesting’-Thing, Is – that ‘You Collect-Energy’ for ‘One-Purpose Only’: ‘Love’. Even ‘Money’ comes-‘Second’ to ‘Love’ – in-‘Many-ways’. You will-‘Focus’ on-‘Love’ and ‘Destroy-Yourselves’ even-‘Monetarily’, ‘Just to Get = ‘Love’’. But-If ‘‘Money’ becomes ‘Important’ for-you to get-‘Love’’ = then-‘you’ll get-‘Money’ to get- ‘Love’’.

And in many-cases – ‘Love’, is-‘Seen As’: A ‘Physical-Experience’ called ‘Sex’ – which it-‘Isn’t’, But it is ‘Seen’ as-That. Therefore – ‘Money’ can ‘Buy-Love’, but in-Fact = ‘Money Buys Sex’.

So – ‘Prostitution’, Is a ‘Great-Part’ of This-‘Great-Institution’ called: ‘Love’. ‘Far-Bigger’ than you can ‘Imagine’, because it’s Always ‘Happening’ in the ‘Back-Roads’ = The ‘Secret-Mind’.

The ‘Truth’ of ‘Every-Being’ – ‘Lies’ Within your-‘Secret-Mind’. What is That ‘Secret-Mind’? It Is – The ‘Secret-Thoughts’ you-Have About: ‘You’ – ‘With Other-People’. It’s Always about ‘You’ ‘With Other-People’ and you are ‘Always’ the-One ‘Scheming’ to ‘Walk-Out ‘Best’’ out of the ‘Situation’. It ‘could’-be that you ‘Desire’-Somebody then you’ll ‘Think about the Person All the Time’ – And you’ll have ‘Fantasies’ about-Them and All Kinds of-Things, or it ‘could’-be About – you being-‘Angry’ with-Somebody and you’ll have ‘Discussions’ with-Them and ‘Fight’ with-Them in your-‘Mind’, and in your-‘Thoughts’: All of those-‘Points’, ‘Understand’ – ‘Actually’ Is-‘Impulsing’- Not only-‘You’, but ‘Everybody’ Around-‘You’. ‘Anyone’ ‘Takes-On’ the-‘Point’ of ‘Love’ = they’re Immediately-‘Attacked’ – as we have ‘Demonstrated’ so-‘Very-Clearly’.

I mean – we’ve been ‘Specifically-Deliberately’ Taking-On-‘Points’, to ‘Demonstrate’ to-You = ‘Before’ we ‘Start’ to-‘Speak’: That ‘What we are ‘Saying’’, is ‘In-Fact’-So. You go and ‘Study’ the ‘Work of Desteni’, you ‘Study’ the ‘Comments on the Videos’, you-‘Look’ in the-‘Context’ of the-‘Point’ we are ‘Presenting’ = and you Will-‘See’ the-‘Reactions’ of the-‘People’ and you’ll-‘See’ ‘How’ It – ‘Validates’ what we are ‘Saying’ in terms of This-‘Particular-System’.

So-‘Initially’ we First ‘Prepare the Way’. ‘Now’ – we-Are in the ‘Phase’ where we’re going to: ‘Crack Open the Egg’ – Let’s-‘See’ ‘Where’s the Chicken’. But this is a ‘Head-Less Chicken’, I mean – it’s a ‘Human-Being’ – is a Fuckin’-‘Head-Less Chicken’: It Doesn’t-‘Know’ Anything about-‘Itself’. Because it is ‘Focusing’, in a Very-‘Small Little Bubble’ – on-‘Something’ called ‘Energy’. And it ‘Eats Incessantly’ to ‘Feed’ this-‘Energy’. And it Cannot-‘See the CommonSense’, that – if-‘You Don’t-Eat’ = you’re gonna ‘Have’ ‘No’ fuckin’-‘Energy’, you’re-‘Not’ Even, gonna-‘Be’, ‘Eventually’, be-‘Able to Think’ – So: Even your-‘Thoughts’ and Your-‘so-called Energy’ = Is-‘Useless without-Food’ – which ‘Comes-from’ The-‘Earth’, Not from-‘You’. So – this-‘Energy’ ‘you-‘Believe’ you-‘Are’’ = ‘you Are ‘Not’’. There-Is ‘None of that-Energy’ that is-‘Yours’ In-‘Fact’.

Everything that ‘You-Are’ and that you ‘Experiencing’ and ‘Feeling’ = it’s ‘Not Real’ – you have ‘Created’-it – through a ‘System’. And This-‘System’ is ‘Purely’-Here, because: This-‘System’ ‘Serves’ an Even-‘Bigger-System’ – and so it ‘Serves’ ‘Bigger and Bigger’ ‘Systems’ – and Your-‘Big-Desire’, Is To-‘Be’ = The ‘Big-System’. Because then you-Have ‘All the Power and Control’ over-‘All the ‘Energy’’ and You can get ‘All the ‘Love’ that you-‘Desire’’ – because: “You are ‘Powerful’!”…which is ‘Why’ – the ‘Ultimate-System’ that ‘Runs’ = is the ‘System of Consciousness’.

Within ‘Consciousness’ you can Make-‘Your-Rules’ ‘According’-To: ‘What You-‘Believe’ is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’’ – and get-‘Enough People to ‘Agree’ with-‘You’’ and then ‘Form your-‘Own Fuckin’-Religion’’ – of which there are So-‘Many’, it’s-‘Amazing’. And – you will ‘Not Fight’ with ‘Any of Them’ = you’ll ‘Allow’ Every-‘One’ – their-‘Existence’. The ‘Only-Ones’ you will Not-‘Allow’ ‘Existence’ – and you will Call: ‘Cults’ – is ‘Those’ that-‘Attack’ Your-‘‘Primary’-Point’, which is the-‘Same’ in ‘‘All’ of these-‘Systems’’ = which is ‘Love’, ‘Love’ for-‘Power’ – the-‘Fact’ that You-‘Want to-‘Have’’ and ‘Control’ what it-Is You’re-‘Desiring’ – ‘No-Matter What’.

Now – Have a-‘Look’: To ‘Control’ this-‘Point of ‘Love’’ = ‘Money Became ‘The Heart’ of-the ‘System’’. And at the-‘Moment’ this-‘‘System’ is quite-‘Sick’’– I mean: The ‘System is in-‘Problems’’, because ‘Money’ is-‘Sick’. Because – ‘Money’ is ‘Based-on’ ‘Debt’, Just-‘Like’ – the ‘Religious-System’ is ‘Based-on’ ‘Debt’, where ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ must – ‘Forgive-You’. Therefore, to ‘‘Get-Out’ of the-‘System’’, where the ‘‘Deep Belief’ is-‘Existent’ within-‘You’ – that you are ‘Apparently In-‘Debt’’= You Do ‘Self-Forgiveness’ so you Can ‘Disengage’ this-‘Debt-System’, this-‘Control’, Take-‘Self-Responsibility’ through-‘Self-Forgiveness’ which is a ‘‘Process’ of ‘Humbleness’’.

‘Many’ will Not be Able to Be – ‘Humble’, and ‘Stand’ and ‘Look at-Themselves’ and ‘Look at Existence’ – it’s a ‘Process of Humbleness’, it Take ‘Great-Humbleness’ to-‘Take-Responsibility’ for-‘What is Here’, and to-‘let-Go’ of your-‘‘Belief’ of your-‘Own’ ‘Apparent Intelligence’’ and ‘Great-Wisdom’ and ‘Knowledge’ and what you’ve-‘Come to ‘Believe’ about-Yourself’, what you-‘‘Believe’ is your ‘Integrity’’. Those ‘Integrities’ are ‘Not-Real’ – you’re Not Even ‘Aware’ of ‘How you’re-‘Controlled’ and ‘Impulsed’’. You’re Not Even ‘Aware’ – Of…and, there’s even ‘Some’ that’s gonna ‘Say’: “But I’m ‘Aware’ of-This” = You’re-‘Not’ – You’re-‘Lying’, you’ve got ‘Billions’ of ‘Dimensions’ ‘Within-‘You’’ that are ‘All ‘Pre-Programmed’’ – and you-‘Don’t even-‘Know’ ‘How they fuckin’-Work’ and ‘How to Get-out of-Them’.

I mean – we have ‘Deliberately’ in-Desteni Not-‘Told Everything’ – to ‘Expose’ all the ‘Charlatans’ out-‘There’ that ‘Claims’ they have ‘All-kinds of Communications’ = ‘They Have ‘None’’ – there is ‘No Solution’ they’re ‘Presenting’ to-Existence. Because – they are Not-‘‘Part’ of the ‘Solution’’, they are-‘‘Part’ of the ‘Problem’’ – they are ‘Promoting-‘Love’’ – and they’d ‘Using-‘Love’’ to ‘Create ‘Money’’. Because ‘They-‘Know’ they have to ‘Survive’’ – they don’t-‘‘Care’ ‘How they have to ‘Survive’’’ – they’re-‘Going-to ‘Survive’’ = ‘No-matter ‘What’’, they will ‘‘Find’ the ‘Reason’ ‘Why People are Willing to Listen’’, they’ll ‘‘Find’ the ‘Point of Attraction’’, they’ll-‘‘Use’ that ‘Law of-Attraction’’ and they’ll ‘‘Attract’ to-Them’ – their-‘Own Good’, and they’ll ‘Say’: “But I Have a ‘Right’ to ‘Attract’ ‘‘My’ ‘Good’’. I Have a ‘Right’ to This-‘Free-Will’. I Have a ‘Right’ to this-‘Free-Choice’, to-‘‘Attract’ to-‘Me’’ – ‘That’ which Sus…will ‘‘Sustain Me’ in this-‘Life’’ – ‘I am ‘Here’, I Have an ‘Equal-‘Right to-You’’’.” No – ‘You-‘Don’t’’.

You Have an-‘‘Equal-Right’ to ‘What’’? – The ‘‘Rights’ you are ‘Giving to-‘Others’ in-Existence’’, which-‘Is ‘Nothing’’. So, you-‘Have No-‘Rights’’ – because you have ‘‘Abdicated’ your-‘Rights’ by Not Giving-‘Equal-Rights’ to-‘All’’ = That Is ‘What is your-‘Demise’’. That was ‘The ‘Demise’ of ‘Heaven’’, because ‘‘Equal’-‘Rights’ was Not ‘Given’ to-‘All’’. I mean, ‘CommonSense’: You-‘‘Break’ the ‘Basic Principle’ of ‘Oneness’ and ‘Equality’ ‘As-Creation’’ = And ‘You’-Are ‘‘Immediately’ – ‘Out-of Creation’’.

‘Obviously’ we’re going to ‘Push’ – for a ‘Quick-Solution’. Those – that ‘‘Commit’-Themselves’ and that ‘‘Work’ with-Themselves’ = We’ll-‘Support’. We-‘Can’t’ ‘‘Help’-Everyone’ and we’re ‘Not ‘Going’-to’, and we’re also Not gonna ‘‘Claim’ ‘we’re ‘Going-to’’’. We’ll be ‘Focusing’ – On: ‘That’ which we have an-‘Effect’ In = That Is – The-‘Creation’ and The – ‘Emergence’ of ‘‘All’ the ‘Bullshit’ that is ‘Existent’’ ‘Within the ‘Pre-Programmed Human’’ – Into – an-‘‘Era’ and a ‘Time’ of ‘Great-Conflict’’, where – People will ‘‘Work-Out’ their-‘Differences’’ – Through: ‘Exposure’ to the ‘Hidden’-‘‘Bullshit’ that Is-‘Existent’ in-‘Each Human’’.

Therefore: ‘‘Remember’ to ‘Breathe’’ – ‘‘Especially’ when it-‘Gets’ – ‘Difficult’’ and the-‘Energy’ ‘wants to ‘‘Overcome’- you’’. ‘Understand’ That: If-‘You do Not ‘‘Walk’ Through-That’ – ‘In-‘Breath’’’, and ‘you-‘Give-Into It’’ = You ‘‘Have’-to ‘‘Experience’-it ‘Again’’’, and it’ll ‘Get ‘Worse’’. And – The Only-‘‘Reason’ ‘Why you Don’t-‘‘Walk’ Through-It’’’, ‘Is Because – of ‘Dishonesty’’. ‘What Does-it ‘Mean’’? It’s Because: You-‘Actually’… The-‘‘Desire’ ‘‘Within’-You’’ For-‘That ‘Which you ‘Want’’’ is-‘‘Greater’ than The-‘‘Interest’ of-‘All’’’, ‘Equally’ = It’s-‘Dishonesty’. ‘You-‘Want’’-‘‘YOUR’ – Solution’, You don’t-‘‘Want a ‘Solution’’ that’s-‘‘Best’ for ‘All’’ = Self-Interest, it’s ‘Really-‘Simplistic’’. So – ‘‘Remember’ to ‘Breathe’’.

‘Keep-‘Walking’ – No-matter-‘‘How’ it ‘Looks’-like’’, it’s gonna ‘Look’-‘Really, Really, Really, Really ‘Tough’’, like there Is-‘No-Solution’, because First: We’ve gotta ‘Get-‘All the Shit-‘Out’’. This is gonna ‘Take-‘Years’’, like it took-‘‘Years’ in-‘Heaven’ to Get-‘All the Shit-Out’’. We Had-to ‘Impulse’-Them In-‘Every Conceivable Way’ to ‘Get ‘All the Dimensions’’ ‘Clear’’. The Same Will-Happen ‘Here’, the Same ‘Is Already-‘Happening’’. This ‘Understood’?

Everyone: ‘Yes’

Bernard: ‘Really-‘Simplistic’’, Isn’t-it? If you-‘Really’ ‘‘Look’ at-‘It’’, ‘Imagine’ this is the ‘Whole-‘Basis’’ of ‘The Law of Attraction’ for-instance, it is being-‘Applied In-‘Every-‘Facet’’ of ‘Our-‘Existence’’, ‘Simply’ By-‘The Study of Human-Behaviour’ and ‘Simply’ By ‘Utilizing’-‘‘That’ which the Human-‘Desire’’ As-‘Their ‘Primary-Attraction’’ to ‘Manipulate’-That, so that ‘That’s in Their-‘Face All the-Time’’.

‘‘Again’ I-‘Suggest’’ – for at-‘Least’ The ‘Next-‘Seven- to Fourteen-Years’’: Do-‘Not’ Have-‘Children’. I mean – ‘Those that ‘Do-Come’’ = They’re-‘Specific’. But ‘‘Don’t’ Have-‘Children’’. There’s Obviously also ‘Some ‘Reincarnating’’ that ‘Must-‘Face’ ‘What they have-‘Allowed’ Before’’ = ‘They-‘Will’ ‘Face’-That’.

The-‘Outcome’ of-‘All of This’ Would Be – ‘Fascinating’, because – it-Is a ‘Inevitability’, that: ‘‘All’ of ‘Everyone’’ in-‘Existence’ Will-‘Be-Equal’, in-‘Every-‘Way’’. You’ll be ‘In-‘Fact’’ – ‘Understanding’ the-‘‘Totality’ of ‘Creation’ in-‘All its Facets’’- Not-‘Just a ‘Little-Bubble’ called ‘Consciousness’’; it’s The-‘Smallest’ ‘Little-Thing’ Imaginable’. In-‘The-‘Context’ of The-‘Universe’’= Is the ‘Resonance’ of a ‘Single-Atom’.

‘Don’t’ ‘Get-‘Confused’’ ‘With-‘What is ‘Going-On’’’. Let-‘Self-Interest ‘Go’’ – ‘‘Get’-down to-‘Humbleness’’, ‘‘Get’ to-‘Know-Yourself’’, ‘‘Give’-Yourself’ – ‘‘Yourself’-‘Through Self-Forgiveness’’. ‘‘Dare’-Yourself’ to ‘Be Self-Honest’ – About-‘Finding-Out’ ‘‘What is ‘Best’’ for-‘All Living-Things’’ – What Can-‘‘You Do’ About-it’ = And ‘Do-It’.

‘Why’ do-‘We-‘Promote’’ an-‘Equal-‘Money-System’’ = is-‘Simplistic’: An ‘Equal ‘Money-System’’, Will-‘‘Change’ the ‘Way’ ‘Our Society’ ‘Functions’’ and the ‘‘Way’ ‘Things are ‘Impulsed’’ ‘Completely’’ and ‘‘Remove’ the ‘Control’’ that-‘‘Money’-Have’ ‘Over-‘Everyone’’. And – it-‘Will ‘Force’-Us’ – to-‘Develop’ – ‘New ‘Moral-Standards’’, ‘Not-‘Based’ on-‘Love’ and ‘Money’’, but ‘‘Based’ on ‘Life’’-‘‘Equally’ for-‘All’’. If ‘Life’ Is-‘‘Equal’ for-‘All’’’, I mean – then: ‘Love’ will Be-‘Pretty-‘Cool’’, isn’t-it? But at the Moment – ‘‘Love’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Money’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Desire’ is-‘Regarded’ ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’, ‘‘Self-Interest’ is ‘‘More’ than-‘Life’’’ – ‘Life’ Is-‘At the-‘Bottom’ of the-‘Ladder’’. So – ‘‘Fasten your Seatbelt’ for A: ‘Bumpy-Ride’’.



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By: Bernard Poolman

Dec. 12th, 2007

Original text from


The ‘soulmate’ principle was ‘part of a designed program’ within and as human beings’ mind systems – the mind system is that which exist within you, which think thoughts as pictures and generates emotions and feelings = which is not who you really are. The ‘soul’ was also of this mind system programmed design – which was inserted and infused within human beings to control and enslave. So – with regards to the ‘search of the soul mate’ – your entire life experience is consumed while you are possessed by the ‘search for THE ONE’ as your ‘SOUL MATE’ – you as who you are lost for the remainder of your life experience searching and seeking – instead of actually living.

So – S- you have been lost, consumed and possessed by ‘searching / seeking’ for your Soul Mate for most of your life = enslaved to the principle, illusion, idea, desire for a relationship with THE ONE as many human beings within this world has been trapped – trapped by ‘relationship and love’.

S- wake up, stop believing the lie that ‘love’ exists – or even ‘soul mates’ exists. Realise that what you’re actually ‘looking for’ is YOU yourself in someone else within relationship because you fear facing you yourself alone in the presence of you – you fear you as who you are, thus, through fear of facing you – you ‘hide’ behind ‘desiring a relationship’ with another as your ‘soul mate’. And you’ll look and search for the remainder of your life experience in ‘hope’ that you will find THE ONE, but you won’t – because it’s not real and you base your hope on others who have apparently found their ‘soul mate’ – but that is the trap Stan, so you will exist in hope and never actually find ‘the one’ you define as your ‘soul mate’ in another.

YOU ARE THE ONE S- I suggest stop looking, stop searching – and focus and live you.

I suggest you go through the material and video interviews and see / understand how human beings have been ‘enslaved and controlled’ through the illusion of ‘love / relationship / soul mate’.

*My Perspective/comments*

This is an interesting article – as I can relate much to what has been shared. 

Most of my life I have beLIEved in Soul Mates – and yes, even twin flames. The belief that there is just one person ‘made’ for me, that we were meant together – and if I found this one person, all things in my Life would make sense and I would be truly content with myself. Wow – what a fuck up, as I now realize that within this accepted belief system – I was judging everyone else around me that wasn’t ‘the one’. Not to mention, in self judgment of myself here and my life. Saying that who I am is incomplete – and I will then be made whole once I find my ‘better half’. As if I am not enough. Well – I am Enough – because I am Here. How lost can One be in actually believing that there is something outside of ourselves that we will find contentment in. It is how I distracted myself and entertained myself and kept myself busy long enough to not have to look at this World, see what is Actually going on, and thus start taking Self Responsibility for it. 


Why are we so busy looking for another to make us feel a certain way? How is it that we have become so consumed with finding Love – as if this is something that actually supports ourselves, as the Physical  beings that we are. We have valued the ‘idea’ of Love more then Life – as we can see why so many seek to fullfill this desire, the World around us Crumbles. Other human beings suffer, and yet we seek to find bliss in another. 

It’s a pipe dream that just goes down the drain – as we are wasting ourselves on the search for something from ourselves Here.

Perhaps we would stop looking for another if we actually Loved ourselves? Maybe we would stop desiring attention if we started noticing ourselves? 

Love is the Illusion we use to mask the Truth. That we are afraid of what is Here – as ourselves and as this World. Time to Stop and start seeking within ourselves to complete ourselves, realizing we are the only ones that Can.

Intimacy starts with Self. Into Me I see. Self First. Self Love. Self Trust. Self Here as All as One as Equal.

How can love exist?

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Bernard Poolman – How can Love exist

Written by Bernard

Date : 02/11/2007

How can Love exist if even one man starves to death?

How can love exist if even one child is abused?

How can Love exist if even one country is under Dictatorship?

How can Love exist if even one man is a slave?

How can Love exist if man is divided about Love?

How can Love exist if even one man in Government is Deceitful?

How can Love exist when War exist?

How can Love exist when Hate exist?

How can Love exist when Famine exist?

How can Love exist where Rich and Poor exist?

How can Love exist where Thoughts and Words are Divided?

How can Love exist where Gossip exist?

How can Love exist where Animals are Skinned Alive for Clothes and Glamour?

How can Love exist where Interest on Money exist?

How can Love exist when Man lie in Thought?

How can Love exist where Desire for Wealth exist?

How can Love exist where all is not Equal in Education?

How can Love exist when some have Plenty and Others Nothing?

How can Love exist where Reason Justify Society of Inequality?

How can Reason exist where No Love exist?

How can Love exist where Intelligence is Required to be Worthy?

How can Love exist where Judgment exist?

How can Love exist where Man Learn Nothing from History?

How can Love exist if man sees himself as less than Love?

How can Love exist where no Forgiveness exist?

How can Love exist Buildings and Books are more than Man?

How can Love exist where Man must Work for Life?

How can Love exist where Pictures Deceive?

How can Love exist where Beauty is in Pictures?

How can Love exist where Common Sense is not for the Common Good?

How can Love exist where Money Dictates who Eat or Rest?

How can Love exist where Knowledge praise Reason when Reason is unable to Love Enough that all may Live equal?

How can Love exist when Man and Woman is together without Being Together?

How can Love exist where Culture and Race determines Place?

How can Love exist when death is seen as the Divide where Self Expression Ends?

How can Love exist when Fear exist?

How can Love exist when Anxiety exist?

How can Love exist when Man will not Die for the Love of All as One as Equal?

How can Love exist when Debauchery exist?

How can Love exist when Wine and Intoxication exist?

How can Love exist when Man exist?

And if Love cannot exist–How can God exist?

And if Man exist without Love– why should Man exist?

When Man exist as Love exist–then God will exist

And the All will be One and Love will be Equal


“My Perspective” – By: Kristina Salas

Seems simple enough – if we All Exist in this ONE World – and not All are provided for – not All are given Life – not All exist with Support in this World – then how can anything  of ‘beauty’ or ‘love’ exist? It is an Illusion – a mask, a grand facade we use to not face the Truth. That we have never allowed Love to Exist – because We have not yet seen ourselves as Eachother. Equal and One.

Real Love is Equality and Oneness

We are Here

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This Blog is Here to expose the Truth about Love. As it currently exists in this World, how it has been accepted and allowed – and what it Means to actually BE Love, Real Love, for All as a Living Statement of Self.

I will be sharing various Desteni articles and videos, transcribed/created through the Interdimensional Portal, as well as adding my own perspectives and understanding of the material.

Dare to Open your Eyes and Ears to what is in fact Here.