By: Bernard Poolman

Dec. 12th, 2007

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The ‘soulmate’ principle was ‘part of a designed program’ within and as human beings’ mind systems – the mind system is that which exist within you, which think thoughts as pictures and generates emotions and feelings = which is not who you really are. The ‘soul’ was also of this mind system programmed design – which was inserted and infused within human beings to control and enslave. So – with regards to the ‘search of the soul mate’ – your entire life experience is consumed while you are possessed by the ‘search for THE ONE’ as your ‘SOUL MATE’ – you as who you are lost for the remainder of your life experience searching and seeking – instead of actually living.

So – S- you have been lost, consumed and possessed by ‘searching / seeking’ for your Soul Mate for most of your life = enslaved to the principle, illusion, idea, desire for a relationship with THE ONE as many human beings within this world has been trapped – trapped by ‘relationship and love’.

S- wake up, stop believing the lie that ‘love’ exists – or even ‘soul mates’ exists. Realise that what you’re actually ‘looking for’ is YOU yourself in someone else within relationship because you fear facing you yourself alone in the presence of you – you fear you as who you are, thus, through fear of facing you – you ‘hide’ behind ‘desiring a relationship’ with another as your ‘soul mate’. And you’ll look and search for the remainder of your life experience in ‘hope’ that you will find THE ONE, but you won’t – because it’s not real and you base your hope on others who have apparently found their ‘soul mate’ – but that is the trap Stan, so you will exist in hope and never actually find ‘the one’ you define as your ‘soul mate’ in another.

YOU ARE THE ONE S- I suggest stop looking, stop searching – and focus and live you.

I suggest you go through the material and video interviews and see / understand how human beings have been ‘enslaved and controlled’ through the illusion of ‘love / relationship / soul mate’.

*My Perspective/comments*

This is an interesting article – as I can relate much to what has been shared. 

Most of my life I have beLIEved in Soul Mates – and yes, even twin flames. The belief that there is just one person ‘made’ for me, that we were meant together – and if I found this one person, all things in my Life would make sense and I would be truly content with myself. Wow – what a fuck up, as I now realize that within this accepted belief system – I was judging everyone else around me that wasn’t ‘the one’. Not to mention, in self judgment of myself here and my life. Saying that who I am is incomplete – and I will then be made whole once I find my ‘better half’. As if I am not enough. Well – I am Enough – because I am Here. How lost can One be in actually believing that there is something outside of ourselves that we will find contentment in. It is how I distracted myself and entertained myself and kept myself busy long enough to not have to look at this World, see what is Actually going on, and thus start taking Self Responsibility for it. 


Why are we so busy looking for another to make us feel a certain way? How is it that we have become so consumed with finding Love – as if this is something that actually supports ourselves, as the Physical  beings that we are. We have valued the ‘idea’ of Love more then Life – as we can see why so many seek to fullfill this desire, the World around us Crumbles. Other human beings suffer, and yet we seek to find bliss in another. 

It’s a pipe dream that just goes down the drain – as we are wasting ourselves on the search for something from ourselves Here.

Perhaps we would stop looking for another if we actually Loved ourselves? Maybe we would stop desiring attention if we started noticing ourselves? 

Love is the Illusion we use to mask the Truth. That we are afraid of what is Here – as ourselves and as this World. Time to Stop and start seeking within ourselves to complete ourselves, realizing we are the only ones that Can.

Intimacy starts with Self. Into Me I see. Self First. Self Love. Self Trust. Self Here as All as One as Equal.


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